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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I start school today!

In just a few hours, my tenure at law school begins. I think it'll be over just a few hours when they realize what a complete fraud I am and how little I deserve to be there. But here's my list of what I have to pack for my big day!

(Note: My law school only provided me with a partial list of what I'll need for them, so this list right here is partially informed by my list from my time list before I entered 4th Grade at St. Vincent's Elementary School)

Civil Procedure 7th Edition, Yeazell et al., Aspen Publishers, New York City, 2008.
RoseArt Crayons, 24 Pack. (Oh man, I'm gonna get made fun of, cuz everyone knows RoseArt is the cheap brand and they break if you apply
any pressure to them)
Blue Dockers, White Keds, White Polo (Tucked in at all times), Blue Sweatshirt with St. Vincent's Logo.
Computer with LawExam Software installed
No POGS allowed. (That's good, cuz I don't want any of those soulless future-lawyers stealing my Slammers)
A knife with which to stab my classmates/grade-competitors in the back. (Oddly, this is on both the list for law school and grammar school)
A really bad haircut that I will be embarrassed by in 10 years.
Post-It Sticky Notes
Snap bracelets
One Hi-Liter per class
One Valentine Card per student in class (Why do I have to give one to everyone?)

Oh man, I'm sure I'm gonna forget something! Everyone's gonna laugh at me!

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