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Monday, August 11, 2008

RIP Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac

Two black icons died over the weekend, and the world will assuredly be a different place without them.

Bernie Mac was one of those comedians that helped shed light on the differences between black people and white people. "Black folks act like this while white folk act like this." I think the main difference is that black people thought Bernie Mac was funny. Jk Jk. Lol. That's not true, because if it were, I would be the blackest man on the planet, because I found Mr. Mac hilarious. And I, for the record, am not the blackest man on the planet.

And God bless Isaac Hayes, another very funny, iconic African American who left us this weekend. God bless him and his shaft. Er. I mean, God Bless his breakout single 'Theme to Shaft.' Between that song and his South Park-based 'Suck My Chocolate Balls,' I think the American public knows more about Mr. Hayes' genitalia than any other recording artist since (insert dated reference to R. Kelly or Michael Jackson here).

They'll both be missed.

PS. I'm really glad Morgan Freeman is gonna pull through following a serious car crash in Hollywood last week. Because who will I imagine is providing the narratorial soundtrack to my life if he dies?

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